Welcome to Alpine Trails which is a collection of a few mainly high level alpine walks and hikes suitable for the unguided walker. No glacier crossing or climbing is involved here that might require special equipment other than normal hiking gear though some of the routes head above 3000 metres
hiking in switzerland
or 10000 feet so snow and winter conditions may be expected even in the summer. In any case these hikes are not suitable for winter other than by experienced mountaineers and skiers.

The areas visited here are in my usual alpine destinations of the Jungfrau Region and the Zermatt/Saas Fee valleys of Switzerland as well as in the French Alps around Chamonix and Mont Blanc. In addition there are 8 or so posts showing some of the photos and a brief route description of the week-long hike from Grindelwald to Zermatt which is described in detail in the travel book A Long Walk in the Alps which can be downloaded from all the usual places. There's more information on my writing at the "books" tab above or check out one of my other outdoors themed blogs listed in the blogroll up on the right of the page. The photo shows the Europaweg trail above the Mattertal in Switzerland. Enjoy and stay safe in the mountains...

Pete Buckley June 2015

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